Emily Thorne is a gal with one hell of a grudge. She arrived on our screens in last year, determined to punish those she deemed responsible for the death of her dad. And to make matters even more complicated, the ‘whodunit’ changed regularly. First Emily was after Victoria, then Conrad, followed by 'The White Haired Man'. Ooooh. *shiver*

This season has been all about the ‘Initiative’, who are a rather complicated lot, and as of last week 'The Falcon' is the fella to chase. How utterly exhausting! So what’s worth tuning in to see?

1. The Dosh
The series is set in the Hamptons and brings new meaning to the term ‘filthy rich’. Emily and co are always groomed to perfection decked out in their designer threads. They throw their moula around like there’s no tomorrow at never-ending soirees, 'charidee' events, polo clubs and ‘luncheons’. And the gaffs are even flasher, from the Grayson’s mansion to Nolan’s infinity pool - seriously impressive!

2. The Diva
Ice Queen Victoria is perma dressed to the nines in tight strapless low cut numbers, even at breakfast time. And just what is the deal with Madeline Stowe's ageless face? It’s been over ten years since she played Daniel Day Lewis' love interest in Last Of The Mohicans, and there still isn't a line in sight. Been a tad trigger happy with the botox perhaps?

3. The Digital
They’re techno mad this lot. Emily spends most of her day watching CCTV, hacking into computer systems and emailing viruses to her victims. Coding genius Nolan has devised a program that could threaten the world. There are spy cameras in every room of every house and even in china dolphins - that Shomu must be an emotional wreck after all he’s seen...

4. The Dialogue
From Emily’s poetic quotes at the start of every episode, to the Shakespearean lingo used throughout, there's just something so amusing about the way this lot talk. Recent lines include "I did not wish you ill... It was your father that summoned me". The scriptwriters must have great craic altogether!

5. The Dudes

Good choice here. There’s loaded but dodgy Daniel, penniless gold-hearted Jack, and token posh English chap Aidan. Nolan is the real hero though, always looking out for Emily despite her mostly sullen attitude toward him. We thought he was gay in Season 1, but now it turns out he swings both ways - could there be a dose of unrequited love on the cards?

Tonight’s installment sees the Hamptons do Halloween with a masquerade ball to boot. Will Emily spill the beans about Victoria’s secret son? Catch Revenge on RTE Two every Tuesday night at 9.50pm

Words: Alexandra Murphy