With the sad departure of Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, we must look ahead to the future and figure out how we're going to get our laughs from the show.

Stewart hasn't set a date for his retirement, but we're guessing it's in the next couple of months. Names are being bandied about as a possible replacement, with Stewart undoubtedly having some ideas of his own.

As for us, we thought we'd do yet another spot of wild speculation and pick a few choices for the show.



Patton Oswalt has already made a joke on Twitter about Jon Stewart's absence - it was a reference to Green Lantern, if you didn't get it - but we think there's a chance for Oswalt to get in here. For one, he's slowly been building his credentials up and we know he's got the comedic chops to do it. He's a likeable personality and he's also quite smart too, not just with the nerd references either. He might not be what you'd call "conventionally" good-looking, but he definitely has charm. Charm goes a long way.



Bill Burr is an office favourite here in Entertainment.ie and, like Oswalt, his career is on the upward trend. He might be a little more blue-collar for The Daily Show's audiences, but that twisted take on life could be the breath of fresh air the show needs. Stewart, though consistently funny, was starting to look more than a little haggard and worn-out from his time. It might have just been because he was trying to balance directing Rosewater and his hosting duties, or it may have been that he felt he was being a little stale. In any case, Burr has that hunger and spark to make it his own.



Hannibal Buress has had some starring roles in a few comedy sketch shows and series, turning up in the comedy du jour Broad City. He's got an eye for the political stuff and he's also got that same dry wit and sarcasm that Stewart brought forth. Like Stewart, Buress would be plucked from relative obscurity and thrust into the spotlight. Well, sort of. Stewart made The Daily Show what it is. Now, it's an entirely different beast from when he started. Still, we think Buress is worth a shout here.



She's due on our screens this summer, starring in Judd Apatow-directed comedy Trainwreck, but Amy Schumer also had a show on Comedy Central alongside Daily Show. She's smart, funny, knows how to work a crowd and she's also going to be hot shit, career-wise, in about two years. Probably less. A stint hosting The Daily Show would be amazing.



Marc Maron's WTF Podcast has revolutionised how we think about comedy podcasts. His interviews have been incisive, human and funny. Not only that, Maron's attuned to Stewart's sensibilities, both politically and comedically, so there's very little to switch out here. His Netflix standup show, Thinky Pain, was one of the highlights of last year. The only issue is, we think, is that the two of them have a bit of history. Here's an interview Maron did some time ago where he explained it.