In only a few short weeks, Kat Moon will give birth to twin babies in what for once, is a good news story for the couple. Although it won't come without a patch of drama, this is EastEnders we are talking about.

First off, Jean, who is back on the Square again shortly, collapses in Kat's kitchen and is rushed to hospital. Stacey then is also back on our screens again when she is given prison eave to visit her mum, however the Slater reunion doesn't last long as Kat's waters break amidst it all.

As we can see from the pics though, she gives birth to two bouncing baby boys, who they decide to call Bert and Ernie. Yep.

Check out how taken (aback) the one on the left is with Jessie Wallace though!

 These scenes will all take place on August 7th at 7.30pm and August 8th at 8pm.