Those of you who were fans of Neighbours back in the early noughties will never forget the tragic death of Dee Bliss. Back in 2003, it was probably one of the most dramatic scenes the soap had ever filmed.

Popular character Toadie (Ryan Moloney), who is still in the Aussie show, married the then love of his life, Dee Bliss, only for the pair to end up accidentally driving off a cliff on their wedding day. It was very traumatic altogether.

Toadie survived obviously but Dee's body was never found, and we all know what that can mean in soapland. A few months ago, it was announced that actress Madeleine West would be reprising her role as Dee Bliss, and not just for some odd Madge Bishop ghost scene, nope, Dee's alive y'all. (Actually more so pulling a Harold Bishop really....)

Toadie first heard about his former wife being alive when his brother Stonie rocked up and showed him a picture of a woman who looked just like her, but naturally, Toadie was sceptical. However, in scenes that will be aired later this week, Dee turns up at her former husband's door. It seems she somehow miraculously survived the car crash and suffered from amnesia. CLASSIC.

This would all be gloriously romantic if of course Toadie wasn't now married to Sonya (Eve Morey), who is also currently acting as a surrogate to Mark Brennan and Steph Scully. Sonya is highly suspicious of Dee's arrival, while Mark also thinks it could be a con.

However Steph insists she'll know her old bestie in a heartbeat, although there's no pictures of that particular reunion just yet.

Well it certainly looks like Dee to us. Have a goo at the pictures below;