It's absolutely miserable outside so why not curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and some funny TV? Love Matters, a brand new season of 30 minute one-off comedies about, you guessed it, romance, is kicking off on Sky Living HD.

From one night stands to unrequited love, internet dating to long-term relationships, and arranged marriages to dates with fate, the trails and tribulations of love are all laid bare in a rather comical fashion by some of the most exciting and talented writers and actors in the business. Keep your eyes peeled because you're guaranteed to see a few familiar faces from shows like Hunderby, The It Crowd, Peep Show and many more.

The season kicks off with a double bill featuring 30 And Counting, the tale of 30-something George, who is convinced he's sent his girlfriend to bat for the other team. He ends up being introduced to internet dating by his best buds and hilarity ensues. Officially Special follows straight after that, and sees world record adjudicator Jo Pepper trying to figure out how to make her mark on the world, while her boyfriend tries to convince her to settle down. And yes, in case you're wondering, that is Katherine Parker from The IT Crowd. Told'ja there'd be someone you recognized.

In the weeks to come we'll meet Isy Suttie's Miss Wright, a singing waitress with a passion for a fella who doesn't even know she exists, and Sarah Solemani's Aphrodite Fry. A love goddess our Aphrodite is not, and after one guy in particular lets her down she forges a plan to ensure it will never, ever happen again. Speaking of awkward moments, A Nice Arrangement is full of 'em, as Satpal tries to navigate the murky waters of an arranged marriage, without telling the love of his life that his mother wants him to marry someone else.

And finally, EastEnders and Coronation Street scribe Daran Little introduces us to Kyle-obsessed Kitten, a Blackpool schoolgirl who believes everything she's told by a fortune teller. When she meets the rather handsome Jake, she's convinced he's the man the cards say she's been waiting for, but will he be into Kitten Chic? You'll just have to wait and find out.

Love Matters debuts on Sky Living HD from 9.00pm on March 28th.