The 'Saved by the Bell' gang return to their favourite hangout spot - The Max.

In case you missed it, 'Saved by the Bell' is the latest (literal) old school show to get the reboot treatment.

The sequel hails the return of Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley - who respectively played A.C. Slater and Jessie Spano on the show - to our screens.

They play parents in the new series while Mark-Paul Gosselaar joins them as the iconic Zack Morris.

Zack is now Governor of California and in hot water for closing too many low-income high schools. He hopes to resolve the issue by sending the affected students to the highest-performing schools in the state. That includes Bayside High.

The new series is heading to NBCUniversal's new streaming service, Peacock.

Lopez shared a behind-the-scenes look at him and Berkley shooting a promo for the new series.

They reunite at their old dive, fast food joint The Max, where they frequently hung out with their friends.

It looks like Max himself, played by Ed Alonzo, is also making a return.