Thanks to Better Call Saul producers Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould spilling a few beans earlier this month about the upcoming Breaking Bad spinoff starring everyone's favourite attorney at law, we now know a few facts about when the show is going to be set and who Bob Odenkirk will be playing.

So imagine the surprise one Breaking Bad fan got driving his car around New Mexico and saw Odenkirk's mug up on a billboard under his brand new 2002 pseudonym. This billboard was snapped along the I-25 in Albuquerque, New Mexico advertising the services of a younger-looking Saul as one 'James M. McGill'.

Turns out AMC are already building a little hype in some very interesting ways. And, if you're enough of a fan (or accidentally mistake the billboard for a genuine ad and are looking for an actual attorney) and you call up the number printed on the billboard, you're greeted with the following message with Saul/'James McGill' doing his best 'Oirish' accent. We're assuming it's bad on purpose.

Via Vulture