We have been waiting quite some time for this particular 'Who Dunnit' story line to kick-off as news came last year that Michelle Keegan would be meeting a grizzly end on the soap. Initially we couldn't imagine how ANYONE would want to kill the darling Tina McIntyre, but after her antics these last few months, the list of potential suspects has just grown and grown.

Corrie haven't done an EastEnders on it though, where they have practically everyone from Tracey in The Vic down as a suspect in their Lucy Beale 'Who Dunnit' story line. Nope, Corrie have laid out four potential killers, and they are, as you might expect, Peter, Carla, Rob and Tracey.

The drama will all play out next week on the soap with episodes almost every day in what they are calling 'murder week'. *gasp*

Corrie has released images of the four possible suspects with Tina just before she plummets to her death, just to make sure we really don't have a breeze of who it could be.

First up, Peter Barlow. Does he go on a drunken bender and kill his latest mistress? Hmm, too obvious we reckon.

Could it be be Carla? She certainly has a motive, obvious maybe, but she definitely can't be ruled out.

Tracey Barlow. We wouldn't put it past her, she has killed before after all, but the Tracey-murderer story line has been done, why would they bother doing it again?

Rob.... hmmm. It would seem unlikely, but then he has gotten very protective of that sister of his as of late. Rob would probably be the most unlikely suspect, which is exactly why he could well be the murderer.

In summary we think the blame lies with the Connors and not the Barlows, but it's anyone's guess at this stage, we've all been fooled before in soap land!

Whoever it was, they are responsible for Tina's ultimate demise and this dramatic balcony fall below...

This scene will be shown on Tuesday 27th May, with episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday too at 9pm on TV3. (On later due to Britain's Got Talent.)