Comedian Michael McIntyre is all set to take his particular brand of comedy into a chat show format for the BBC as of next week. He's well able to crack the jokes, but will that deliver into an interview setting? Might depend a lot on the guests - his first night's lineup has been revealed as of today, with both Sir Terry Wogan and Lord Alan Sugar joining him. Oooh - a Sir and a Lord, not a bad way to kick things off.

As well as those two, Lily Allen will also be in studio to discuss her recent return to the music industry. Let's hope she is in better form than she was on last week's Graham Norton.

Speaking about the show, the funnyman said "From my very first conversation I remember thinking, 'This should be televised!" Ha, see - he is making us laugh already.

He went on to say: "I am overwhelmingly excited about meeting and having fun with my favourite celebrated people on The Michael McIntyre Chat Show." The comedian will interview three high-profile celebrity guests each episode, injecting his own brand of observational comedy into the mix too.

Don't think Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross will be quaking in their boots quite yet, but this definitely looks promising.

The Michael McIntyre Chat Show begins on Monday, March 10 on BBC One.