It will be a Halloween Late Late Show tomorrow night so we can only assume that will mean that fancy dress will be protocol for the audience... or is that just reserved for The Toy Show? We'll have to wait and see. Either way, we do know who some of the guests are, so let's start with that.

There's a bit of a wee legend on the show in the form of Mr Brian O'Driscoll who will no doubt be chatting about how he is finding retirement, his upcoming new arrival and of course that new book of his. There he is now, isn't he only lovely?

Joining him will be actor Dominic West, a fine-lookin' fella who you will probably know from his time on US crime series The Wire, as well as Pride, 300, John Carter and TV series The Hour. The BAFTA winning actor is currently in a new US show called The Affair.

So there you are, more will be added to the lineup but pretty good start 'ey?