'First Dates Ireland' kicked off its latest season last night and as usual, had a great mix of characters. However it was mother and daughter duo Amy and Delia who definitely stole the show.


The ladies were both looking for love and while Amy met a very nice gentleman called Donie, it was her daughter Delia that really seem to hit it off with her date Cian. As soon as Cian arrived on the scene he won the ladies over and took all of 17 seconds to get a round of Jägerbombs.



Delia and Cian went on to have a great date, laughing and joking away and even having a good heart to heart about their mutual mental health struggles.



To the delight of everyone watching, Delia and Cian agreed to see each other again and even had a little kiss. While the 'First Dates Ireland' update at the end said that the pair and Amy went for drinks after the show, viewers were still left wondering if it lasted between Delia and Cian.

Well, sadly, Delia has revealed that no, they are not together, but are still friends. Delia has went on to start up a new relationship though and seems very happy.



Hopefully mum Amy approves.