'First Dates Ireland' has been garnering praise all across the internet from viewers after last night's episode.

The latest episode of 'First Dates Ireland' introduced us to Harry, a 28-year-old trans man, who was looking for love in the restaurant. From Belfast, Harry was matched up with 24-year-old Cork student Muirenn, and the pair hit it off at their socially distanced table.

Harry chatted about the stigma attached to being a trans man in Ireland, and his story touched many viewers who shared their responses on Twitter. In case you missed last night's episode, here's a brief clip of their date.

There was also some applause for the final pair of the evening, which was between Sian and James. There was a connection between the pair that oozed out through the screen fro the get-go, and the end result? That coveted match of course.

Here's a selection of the praise viewers were giving the show last night.

In case you missed it, you can watch last night's 'First Dates Ireland' on the RTÉ Player.