It's easy to forget just how old 'Friends' is now that it's available on-demand in somewhat-decent HD but all that is going to change when you see the first ad for 'Friends' that was shown on TV.

By no means a new discovery on the internet, the resurrected TV promo for 'Friends' that ran on NBC before the show first aired way back is 1994 is still a trip.

A tongue-in-cheek gag that takes aim at early '90s advertising, the promo, while deftly conveying the type of humour viewers could expect from the show, could literally be for any comedy of the time. There's no stage setting, no identities developed apart from their names, nothing.

They also clearly thought that Monica was going to be the lead character which is quite interesting.

And poor David Schwimmer - he didn't even get a word in.