Last night was actually the last new episode of Room to Improve you will see for a while, as the final installment of the architecture series has had to be postponed due to 'issues' with the project.

RTE has revealed a sneak peak of the episode while the show's production company tweeted the video with the message: "We've encountered some issues with our last #RoomToImprove project. But fear not, @DermotBannon will be back with the final result soon!"

In the video, an exasperated Dermot is standing in a completely gutted house saying: "I just want this project to be finished."

Oh dear, what could have gone wrong? Not enough space for windows? Over budget? A micromanaging client that actually broke Dermot? We'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, Dermot will still be back on our screens next Sunday, albeit with a repeat episode.

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