Despite showrunner Robert Kirkman denying it outright pretty much since Fear The Walking Dead began, it's now officially - the two shows will cross over with one another pretty soon.

The announcement was made at this weekend's New York Comic Con by Kirkman, who offered absolutely no details on the subject - except to say that one character would cross over into the other.

Trying to establish a timeline for the two shows is pretty difficult, to say the least - however it's somewhat understood that Fear The Walking Dead is set about 18 months or so behind The Walking Dead.

This, in turn, narrows down a few options as to who'll be on what and which character could potentially go where. As for a reason to why this is happening, it's pretty clear. Fear The Walking Dead has been slipping in ratings since the new season kicked off, and the show itself has only been renewed to the end of the fourth season - so there's every possibility that this might be its last chance to survive.

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