Happy Father's Day to everyone celebrating out there this weekend!

Dads - we owe them a lot. Whether it's your biological dad, step-dad, granddad, or someone else you call dad - this is their day to put the feet up and have the dinner made (which might not be so different from every other day, let's be honest). Whoever your father figure, there's one type of dad that we can all relate to, however - the TV dad. So why not celebrate Father's Day by attempting to get full marks in our TV dad quiz?

As we've seen through the years on our screens, TV dads come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. We've got the oddballs (Peter Griffin from 'Family Guy'), the "cool dad" (Phil Dunphy from 'Modern Family'), and the ones who sometimes try too hard (Michael Bluth from 'Arrested Development'); every single one of them just as entertaining as the next.

Here's our TV dad quiz - and remember, you have to be quick.