If we thought we had seen the last of Father Ted, well...we were right.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Graham Linehan, creator of the historic comedy, insisted that the show will never enjoy a comeback.

Linehan remarked that his production company Delightful Industries are often sent in ideas circling the priest theme but that he has not been tempted to reintroduce the show.

"I would never bring Dougal back

"Someone suggested to me a way of doing it but I am totally different person now. We have said everything we have to about the imaginary world of priests."

In the interview, Linehan went on to comment that the last time that himself and co-writer of Father Ted, Arthur Matthews, got together regarding the show was when they attempted to pen a film about our favourite Craggy Island priests.

"We got back together for a film bit found it hard to find our rhythm, together,"

So, no tv-comeback and no film...no harm, I say. Father Ted was and still is a masterpiece, best to leave it in that category.

Linehan's latest comedy 'The Walshes' is hitting our tv screens on RTE on March 6th. The three part show will tell the story of The Walsh family who are "a warm, tight knit family from the West Dublin suburb of Strollinstown". Take a look at the trailer, above.