Well this sounds like a promising combination. Father Ted director Declan Lowney (also the director of Moone Boy and Alan Patridge: Alpha Papa) has teamed up with Mrs Brown's Boys producers James Farrell and Stephen McCrum for a new double-act sitcom called Flat TV.

The sitcom was created, written and stars Friday Night Dinner's Tom Rosenthal alongside Naz Osmanoglu (Horrible Histories) and follows two flatmates who "battle against the realities of living together by imagining their lives through the prism of television".

The show originally began back in 2012 as Flat News With Tom & Naz, and was a series of two minute online shorts for the BBC, before progressing to a Comedy Feed pilot on the iPlayer last year. This first fully commissioned new series will consist of just four 22-minute episodes.

BBC has said of the new sitcom; "Wary of the outside world and the responsibilities it entails, Tom and Naz choose instead to escape into a dream world where ordinary events play out through their favourite TV formats. Whether they're fighting over arranging furniture in their own version of Big Brother (Big Flat) or accidentally find themselves locked out in I'm Not a Celebrity Get Me Back in the Flat – Tom and Naz manage to survive the daily grind thanks to their hyper-vivid imaginations. And because they've got each other."

Sounds decent enough, and sure if it's half as successful as the likes of Father Ted, Moone Boy and Mrs Brown's Boys, it will do just fine.