You will all know Dublin man Graham Linehan as the comedy writing genius who brought us the likes of Black Books, The IT Crowd, and of course, our much beloved Father Ted. He is also the fella that wrote the much anticipated Irish comedy, The Walshes, last year, which didn't exactly hit the right notes and has since been cancelled.

However, Graham is dusting himself off and bidding for success once more with a new sci-fi sitcom for Channel 4 called The Cloud, that will be set in a data hub in space. Kind of sounds like The IT Crowd meets Red Dwarf doesn't it? We're in!

Linehan is co-writing the pilot at the moment with Adam Buxton of 'Adam and Joe' fame with filming beginning in the spring. The cast will be made up of Adam Buxton himself, and our own Aisling Bea, (who is an Irish comedienne you will most recently have seen in Trollied), as well as Jamie Demetriou (The Midnight Beast, Cockroaches). While the Producer/Director is Richard Boden, who also worked on The IT Crowd and The Walshes with Linehan. It's still early days though and Channel 4 won't be deciding whether to commission the series until later in the year.

According to a statement from Channel 4, "The job of Cloud Station 13 is to protect the vast amounts of information the human population now hoards on its endless devices - the majority of which comprises of selfies, copious pictures of kittens and a lot of porn. The disparate group who man the hub are anything but technical whizzes; which would matter less if technology - including a largely voice activated ship - was a little more reliable."

What do you reckon? Bit different but the description alone sounds pretty damn funny, this could be comedy gold in the making yet.