As we've said about a million times at this stage, we absolutely love sitting down to watch the Eurovision Song Contest, and we were ony raging that we couldn't get over to Malmo this year. Turns out we weren't the only ones though, because the folks at Vizeum feel exactly the same.

That's why they've created the Euro Vizeum, the ultimate haven for Eurovision fans. Fancy listening to a Eurovision Spotify Playlist? Or reminding yourself what's really worthy of douze pointes with your very own Alternative Scorecard? Then there's no better place to go.

If you want to get in on the action then you should head on over to, or follow them on the Twitter machine @Eurovizeum. Sure there's all kinds of everything to talk about with your fellow fanatics. Just make sure to include #Eurovizeum or #Eurovision while you're at it. It's really rather addictive - I'm surprised you've heard from me at all today.

So be sure to check in while you're watching the show, because we're sure enough that someone else will know what to say when your words are not enough. All together now...