Of course you do! Who needs those damn codes when you're planning a massive, all-weekend, Netflix binge fest? All they do is interrupt the flow, and - at times - make you question just how many hours you need to sleep a night, how much you really need to converse with your partner, and generally reevaluate your life. 

UKBusinessInsider.com reports that: "some enterprising coder has made a Chrome extension that kills those awkward pauses once and for all, letting you binge watch in a continuous stream of joy. The extension is called “Netflix Pause Removal” and was first uncovered by Exstreamist’s Rob Toledo."

All you Chrome users can download this piece of internet wizardry here. You will be greeted with the following message: "You know when you’re watching your favorite show on netflix and you are laying in bed? Yeah, sometimes this little box pops up that asks you if you want to continue playing. Now you can either install this app to remove that, or you can just get up and deal with it."

And by "dealing with it" we mean clicking a mouse pad. Yes, we're becoming THAT lazy.