Next year will be filled with 1916 centenary events and TV programmes commemorating a landmark hundred years since the Easter Rising. While there will be plenty of historical documentaries and re-enactments no doubt on offer, there's a new TV series in development that will take a very much alternative look at events.

Called 'Rising', it will be set in a dystopian future Ireland and will revolve around the Irish Government’s attempt to cover up a deadly viral outbreak that has been linked to a shady multinational company called Valetech, who the country depends on.

It follows six separate individuals, from the most powerful to the most vulnerable, and their struggle to survive when the truth is leaked and the country descends into chaos.

Far cry from Fair City anyways.

The show, which is currently set to be a five-part web series, even has veteran Hollywood actor Jon Polito on board, who you will know from the likes of Modern Family, Big Eyes, The Crow, The Big Lebowski and way too many more movies and TV shows to mention.

There he is now. He's a bang of 'Oh yeah, that guy!' about him.

Politico said of the project; "I play Marty Taylor. He’s an ex-activist who was blacklisted later in his career for trying to expose the corruption at ValeTech.

"Marty’s a good guy but he battles between his integrity and his ego - the need to vindicate himself. He’s reactive. His emotions get the better of him, but he knows that revealing the truth of a Government cover-up to a nation in turmoil could have devastating consequences… So what will he do?"

He went on to say; “I have nothing but the best experiences working in Ireland and in particular with the Irish film-writer/ director Laura Way. ‘Rising’ is not just an exciting project but an exciting time for Irish TV.

"Rising’ is a tribute to revolution. I’m proud to be a part of this TV show, " he added.

Co-created by Laura Way and Jonathan Hawtrey Clark, produced by Jonathan Farrelly and directed by Way, the TV show reflects some of the circumstances that pre-empted the 1916 Rising and is a modern take on the meaning of ‘Independence’ with an overriding theme of ‘Nature versus Progress’.

So how can you get involved? Well Rising is an independent production and is currently raising funds through Crowd Funding website,

When asked about the campaign, the producer, Jonathan Farrelly responds “We are a small country and funding is limited. Crowd funding has made it possible for independent film-makers to break from the traditional funding routes, push the boundaries of conventional Irish TV drama and invite the audience to be a part of the TV making process. ‘The Queen Of Ireland’ is a great example of a successful crowd funding campaign and an even bigger success at the box office."

While director Laura Way commented; "We’re extremely excited about this pilot. It’s a complete departure from the norm in Irish TV Drama. This series will break the mould with regard to what is usually expected from a television programme conceived of, shot and produced in Ireland."

The campaign finishes up in a few days so it you want to get involved all contributions big and small are welcome.

Depending on the size of your donation, there are many perks that offer various levels of involvement in the processes of production, including updates at each stage of production, a film credit, a ‘Rising’ number plate, spending a day on set, and an invitation to the exclusive screening of the TV Pilot.

Head to to get involved in making some alternative homegrown drama.

You can check out the trailer below;