Think you're a massive Breaking Bad fan? Well, you've got absolutely nothing on Bruce Jackson. He's a Distinguished Professor in the Department of English at the State University of New York and he wants to teach his students all about Walter White and co.

"What’s happening now is something new," Jackson told the UB Reporter. "This is not just an interesting TV program. Breaking Bad goes into narrative and human and social complexity as no TV program has before. It is not like The Sopranos, which was episodic; it is not like ‘The Wire, which was segmented. And it is not like Homeland, which has had to direct itself into a new narrative. It is one epic narrative 60 hours long. We’ve never had that before, in any medium."

He's gone and delved right into Vince Gilligan's world to develop 'Breaking Down Breaking Bad', a graduate seminar which will encourage students to analyze the storyline, the development of the tale over the course of 5 seasons, and how the whole thing was executed (as in carried out, not killed, just in case some of you were wondering).

Now we're guessing that's one course you could convince pretty much everyone to turn up for, even if they held it on a Monday at 9am.