Everyone has had a favourite TV series go off air and been followed by that sinking feeling that it will never return, but some fans are not willing to let go until the bitter end. TG4 watchers may be familiar with the Canadian wartime drama Bomb Girls, a series based on the munition factory workers of WWII. When it was announced the series would come to an end by TV network Global TV, the fans gathered together to illustrate their dedication by sending show mementos to the network in protest.

Almost a month after the show's cancellation, a shipment of 1,000 blue bandanas marked with the motto 'keep calm and save bomb girls' was sent to Global TV headquarters in Toronto, Canada with the hope of another series. The scarves resemble the head-wear of the factory workers, as you can imagine.

The fan outcry is ongoing and has gained more support than could have been imagined with over $5,000 raised under the protest and donated to charity on their behalf. The original aim was to raise $1,000 so clearly fan support is fighting fit. What percentage of these, if any, were TG4 fans eh?

The money raised is set to go to a fitting cause; the Ajax Bomb Girls Legacy Campaign which aims to build a monument to the real Bomb Girls of WWII. Can't help wonder with all this support if an Irish TV series would gain so much fan help if cancelled.