Anybody can get a reality TV show these days, ANYBODY. And while some times you follow people on exhilarating life changing journeys, other times you're watching somebody talking for great lengths about a tweet. Yep, that's the type of show this celeb has coming to VH1 soon.

Nicole Ritchie garnered a lot of attention back in the day for the challenging job of being famous for being famous. Daughter of singing sensation Lionel Ritchie, she teamed up with fellow rich kid friend Paris Hilton and the pair brought us reality show 'The Simple Life' for many a year. They then proceeded to fall out and make up more often than a Miley Cyrus headline. We all stopped caring, wait, no, we never cared.

Now, she's back though, with a new and probably not exciting series. The star’s AOL show based on her Twitter feed, #CandidlyNicole, has been picked up by executives at VH1. Nicole told Extra; The show is based off my tweets. I try and find the humour in something pretty much every day… each episode starts with one of my tweets."

The programme gained headlines last year when Nicole pursued "tramp stamp" removal on the show. A tramp stamp, for those that don't know, is a tattoo on your lower back that was popular for about five minutes in the late nineties.

She said; “I had tweeted that I woke up one morning feeling great about myself until I remembered that I had my tramp stamp.” A common occurrence in many a thirty-something year old's life no doubt. She went on to say; “That's what I do, I go in and research or look deeper into whatever that tweet is,” she explained.

VH1's EVP of original programming & development, Susan Levison, told Variety, "Nicole’s sharp, acerbic sense of humour and broad audience appeal make #CandidlyNicole a perfect fit for the VH1 brand. Viewers will enjoy her unique point of view and earnest look at pop culture as well as her fearless exploration of anything and everything taboo."

Hmmm, yeah Susan, we certainly admire your optimism.

We will hold our judgement for now anyways, oh wait, we didn't do that - never mind.

The eight-episode series for VH1 is now scheduled to premiere July 17.