'Family Guy' is planning an entire episode devoted to Donald Trump in the upcoming season.

Speaking to EW at San Diego Comic Con, showrunners Alec Sulkin and Rich Appel explained that "(although) this episode was written almost a year ago, fortunately Trump has done nothing since then to embarrass himself or our nation."

The episode will see Peter Griffin hand-picked by Trump to serve as his Communications Director, which sees the Griffins moving to Washington DC for the duration of the episode. Whilst there, Donald Trump meets Meg - voiced by Mila Kunis - and has "an unpleasant encounter" with him, which ultimately leads to Griffin and Trump battling it out.

Seth MacFarlane, who voices Peter Griffin and created the series, has been an outspoken critic of Trump and his policies, however the show hasn't gone in as hard on the US President in the way that 'South Park' or 'The Simpsons' have in the past. 'South Park', in particular, devoted an entire season to the US election and Donald Trump standing in for Mr. Garrison.

As well as this, the upcoming season will deal with the passing of Adam West, who was the mayor of Quahog in the series. West had recorded lines for some of his final episodes, with the producers opting to air them as a way of honouring his legacy on the show. "We’ve been asked many times who will replace Adam West as mayor," explained Sulkin and Appel, "and the answer is no one. In person and on our show, he was irreplaceable.”

'Family Guy' returns to FOX on September 30th.