Watch as Stewie Griffin gets educational with Brian as they travel... inside of Peter.

Creator Seth McFarlane has released a 'Family Guy' short all about Peter Griffin debating about whether he should get the vaccination.

Shared via the official Twitter account for McFarlane's other comedy series 'The Orville', the short sees Stewie explain to his pal Brian how vaccines work, and why the general public should consider getting one, if they haven't already been one of the billions of people already immunised.

The surprisingly educational video, which features a sprinkling of 'Family Guy' humour, sees the pair shrink themselves down so they are small enough to travel inside of Peter. Stewie explains the ins and outs of the vaccination, as well as why its better to be vaccinated in society right now than not be, including the potential further mutation of the virus in the future.

Stewie explains: "God, do I have to do everything? Vaccines have been around for hundreds of years - they helped eliminate Smallpox from the face of the Earth, and they're well on their way to doing the same with Polio."

Entering Peter, he continues: "Vaccines protect us from illnesses by activating our immune response without the danger of actual infection, thereby training the body to fight off the real thing. Some of the COVID vaccines work by exposing your immune system to proteins, which resemble the spike proteins of the virus but cannot infect you."

'Family Guy' executive producers and showrunners Rich Appel and Alec Sulkin said in a statement: "We were proud to work with some of the nation’s leading immunologists and epidemiologists on this PSA. And while we never understood a single note they gave us, we took them all."

The 'Family Guy' vaccination PSA comes just days after rapper Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to explain why she wasn't able to attend the Met Gala last week. Health officials later followed up in light of her claims, confirming "there has been no such reported side effects". The performer wrote on the social media website that her cousin's friend's testicles "became swollen" and he "became impotent" following his vaccination.

Take a look at the 'Family Guy' short.