Although you immediately associate 'John Wick' with the likes of Keanu Reeves or director Chad Stahelski, another individual is closely associated with its creation.

Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter on all three 'John Wick' movies, has as much a hand in creating the critically-acclaimed action franchise as any of them. In fact, little bit of useless trivia here, Kolstad actually took the name from his grandfather - John Wick.

Anyway, TheWrap is reporting that Kolstad has now been hired for Disney+'s upcoming limited series, 'Falcon and Winter Soldier', starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. It's not yet know if Kolstad is writing an episode or taking on the role of showrunner, but it's not the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe has crossed paths with 'John Wick'.

For one, Chad Stahleski and David Leitch were the second-unit directors on 'Captain America: Civil War' and got the job on the basis of how successful and well-directed the first 'John Wick' movie was. Not only that, Keanu Reeves is now understood to be in negotiations with Marvel to join the cast of 'The Eternals'.

No release date has been set for 'Falcon and Winter Soldier', but multiple sources believe the series won't arrive on Disney+ until August 2020. The streaming service itself, however, launches on November 12th of this year and will be available in Ireland on the launch date.