Carrigstown resident Casanova Paul Brennan has been keeping things fairly quiet on the affair front these days. In fact it was his wife Niamh that was the last one to play away, even leaving Paul for her toyboy Michael there for a while. However the pair since patched things up, and other than the odd random son of Paul's rocking up, the couple seemed to be back on a strong footing... which means it's just about time for Paul to play away again.

Fans of Fair City may have had their affair-dar on the past few weeks with Paul and Farrah, who really hadn't a whole load of screen time together at all until recently.

Now as Niamh and Paul are starting to feel the strain with the stress of having the awful Oisin around, the spark between Farrah and Paul is only growing stronger, and the bowld Paul decides to act on it tonight.

He asks Farrah out for a drink tonight, and ends up going in for the shift, the cheeky so-and-so.


We reckon this will be the new Fair City affair scandal...  that Oisin will announce at a Christmas day dinner that Farrah will somehow also be at. Or you know, something like that.