We could hardly contain ourselves when we heard this news, but we have checked it out, and this is really happening folks. Are you ready? Are you sure??

Okay, Fair City... and by that mean Carrigstown... is getting a brand new hardware store!

For realz.

'But they already HAVE a hardware store', you may yell out in surprise. However this one will be an Expert Hardware store as the company has just signed on with the soap for three years.

We weren't quite sure we could take any more excitement after Spar got on board, and once they opened a second pub, we thought, 'that's it now for another decade'. But no, there was so much more to come.

Jane Gogan, Head of Drama, RTÉ Television said; “Expert Hardware is a natural fit for Fair City as a brand that is focused on working within communities and businesses at a local level across the country. We are very pleased to have Expert Hardware on board and look forward to this new development in Carrigstown very soon."

As do we Jane Gogan, as do we.

Speaking about the announcement, Expert Hardware Chairman David Baker said; "Expert Hardware will be working very hard with Pete and Damien and staff to give the best service available to all their customers”

Yes, all those customers/extras will hopefully be very happy with their fake products.

So there you have it. Whatever next for this bustling suburb of Carrigstown? The sky's surely the limit now.