It's one hell of a week in Carrigstown as the longtime feud between the Brennans and the Bishops comes to a head, and while Sunday provided us with plenty of drama, there's even more to come tonight in what will mark the show's 4000th episode.

Paul is still being held by the Bishops and it looks like Zumo may have some sinister plans in store to deal with him. However, the unlikely Denzo may actually be Paul's only hope. In the midst of all this, Rachel discovers Paul blackmailed Charlotte, prompting her to make a life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Niamh is plotting a plan to get her revenge on Paul for cheating.

Bad times for Paul Brennan, all in all.

As well as all the Bishop/Brennan drama, other storylines this week include the departure of one of Carrigstown’s much loved regulars, the return of local thug Cathal Spillane and we FINALLY find out if Katy is dead or alive.

Speaking about the 4000th episode, Brigie DeCourcy, Executive Producer of Fair City said, “What an incredible achievement. 4000 episodes equates to 2,000 hours of drama and is testament to the cast, crew, writers, directors and storytellers, past and present, for creating so many remarkable and memorable moments over the 27 years. We’ve witnessed some fantastic storylines in Carrigstown since it took to the air waves in 1989 and believe me when I say there’s still plenty more to come.”

Also commenting on the landmark milestone, Jane Gogan, Head of Drama in RTÉ Television commented; “It's a magnificent achievement to reach this milestone. Through an era of immense challenges and changes in RTÉ and broadcasting generally Fair City still stands as a formidable presence in RTÉOne's schedule. The popularity of Fair City and the enjoyment viewers get from the series comes directly from the hard work and commitment of the many professionals involved in the making of the show.”

There they are now, ALL THE LADS.

And the ladies of Carrigstown, or a lineup of all Paul Brennan's women... one or the other.

To mark the show's 4000th episode, the storylines that got the nation talking...

1996 - Eoghan and Liam have the first gay kiss on Irish television.

1998 - Lorraine Molloy is raped by Dr Jack Shanahan, who later dies by suicide.

1998 - Kay McCoy begins a relationship with Catholic priest Malachy Costello, who leaves the priesthood to marry Kay.

1998 - Helen Doyle dies in a car accident.

2001 - Kay McCoy decides to abort her pregnancy despite Malachy's wishes, for fear the child would be born severely disabled.

2001 - Drug addiction, prostitution and murder feature heavily in the storyline involving Billy Meehan, his wife Carol Meehan and his mistress Tracey. Billy is then murdered by Carols son Lorcan.

2002 - Yvonne develops schizophrenia which leads to her taking a drug overdose and a failed suicide attempt.

2002 - Tess Halpin is viciously murdered by her husband Marty after years of domestic abuse.

2003 - Teenage pregnancy – Kira Cassidy and Mondo have a baby girl Juliet.

2004 - Sorcha Furlong has an illicit affair with Ross O’Rourke

2005 - Baby Jessica Molloy takes a fatal over dose of ecstasy and in a fit of rage and grief Harry Molloy kills Ross O’Rourke.

2007- Leo Dowlings wife, Lana, goes missing

2008 - Heather Lyons has an incestuous relationship with her half brother, Floyd.

2008 - Brendan (Heather’s husband) helps Floyd die after he’s diagnosed with cancer.

2010 - Yvonne Doyle has an affair with her best friend, Connie Boylan, gets pregnant by Paul Brennan and gives birth during a commitment ceremony to Connie.

2010 - Damien Halpin suffers from domestic abuse by his wife, Suzanne Halpin.

2011- Esther Roche reveals that she had a son who suffers from Thalidomide – David - who arrives in Carrigstown and has an affair and a baby with Suzanne.

2013 - Rita Doyle dies.

2013 - Domestic violence storyline with Vivienne Bishop, and the murder of Paddy Bishop

2013 - Yvonne Doyle is raped by Martin Baxter, a man she meets on the internet.

2014 - Mentally ill Tommy Dillon starts a campaign of terror towards his ex-wife, Judith. He ends up shooting Bob and is sent to an institution.

2015 – Heather Lyons returns to Carrigstown with a score to settle and ends up poisoning her daughter Ellie in a storyline featuring Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

2016 – Carol Foley’s father Trigger Foley arrives back in Carrigstown forcing Carol to reveal the dark secret from her past.