*Spoiler alert for Fair City fans out there.

After a week of Sopranos style drama in Carrigstown, where some of the residents were held at gunpoint by baddie Flynn in the local, it finally looked like things might get back to normal as everyone emerged safe... or so it seemed.

In the final minutes of last night's episode we saw Michael pass out in his wheelchair after receiving a bang to the head in the kerfuffle in the hotel. By the way, have we missed something... why was Michael in a wheelchair in the first place??

Back to tonight though where the O'Briens arrive at the hospital confused about what happened, and are left devastated when they hear that Michael has died of a massive brain haemorrhage.

I know, Fair City have killed off their best looking star. Dammit Fair City!

Speaking about tonight’s episode Alan Howley who plays Eoghan said "The O’Brien’s never had a easy run of it, but this week they face their toughest challenge yet when they lose Michael so suddenly. The O’Brien’s followed Michael to Carrigstown last year; Debbie being the doting mother she wanted to be near her son. Eoghan and Michael didn’t always see eye to eye but over the last few months they have definitely grown closer so Michael’s death is really going to knock Eoghan for six. Eoghan tries to be strong and to support Debbie and Katy but his world is about to be turned upside down when he learns the truth about exactly what caused Michael’s death...." [It was Eoghan that accidentally pushed Michael in the hotel].

Michael arrived into the soap in 2014 and fast became Niamh's toyboy leading to the breakup of her marriage to Paul. They broke up some time ago though and since then Michael has generally hung out around McCoys and had some dalliances with Jane and Doyle sister number 3.

Still though, we had hoped there was more to come.

Maybe the actor has gone on to some high flying career in Hollywood?? Stop laughing.

Catch the drama unfold tonight on RTE1 at 8pm.