Ireland's longest running soap celebrates 25 years on our screens this week, and it is certainly not planning on letting the occasion pass by for the viewer, with some major story lines coming to a head with a few unexpected twists. Yes, we are talking about Fair City here, it has its moments alright!

If you were watching last night, you will have seen Niamh's revelation to Paul that she was leaving him - the toy boy has won fair lady. While Dan has also found himself in a bit of a jam, but there is much more to come over the next couple nights and coming weeks according to the the soaps executive producer Brigie de Courcy.

She told; "This week sees a huge end to a very big storyline that I think is going to be a bit shocking for the audience, they're not going to be expecting this."

Brigie told us it wasn't the Niamh and Paul storyline she was referring to but it may involve the return of an old character, she wouldn't say either way. (We keep expecting Tommy Dillon to hightail it back into Carrigstown to steal Lil Wayne).

It seems tonight is going to be one of the most dramatic episodes of the soap for some time though, so much so, they are making a bit of an occasion out of it; "Our celebration is going to be all of the cast and the crew going to McCoys on Wednesday evening, and we're going to watch the show as it goes out live with the audience at eight o'clock and then we'll watch the Thursday evening's episode straight after ourselves," Brigie said.

While we really don't think this will involve Tommy Dillon or the like, Brigie did tell us there were some old faces on their way back to Carrigstown soon; 'We have a couple of very exciting returnees over the coming weeks, these again are unexpected returnees, quite exciting and I think the audience will be very happy."

Aside from all this, the drama at hand is focusing on the marriage breakdown of one of Fair City's staple couples. Actors Tony Tormey and Clelia Murphy play Paul and Niamh Brennan and the pair are set for some emotional scenes tonight as Paul realises it was Michael who his wife is leaving him for, and he completely loses the plot. We don't want to give too much away, but as you can see from the pics, there is a metal pipe involved and a showdown on the streets of Carrigstown. Not quite pistols at dawn, but close enough.

So how are the actors feeling about this heavy story line they've found themselves in? "It's a curve ball I didn't expect. It's been tough to play. but I'm enjoying it," said Clelia

"I think it's worse that she's fallen in love with someone as opposed to going out and having a one night stand. I think that's a big blow to Paul."

Although it seems Niamh's storyline is proving pretty popular with some folk; "A lot of women of my age are telling me; 'You're terrible... but isn't it great?!' It's like she's having this affair for an entire generation of women... which I'm happy to handle!".

Paul, on the other hand, is left a broken man, but surely it won't be long until this ladies man gets back to his old tricks again... maybe with a certain Jane per chance? Tony Tormey told us; "It's all open there," he smiled. "Everything's open now in this moment of time, so it's all there to play for."

Hmmm, yep, we think it's inevitable. Plus that Jane hasn't been stirring it anywhere in AGES.

Tune in to Fair City tonight at 8pm to watch the drama unfold.