Actor, comedian and all round legend Bob Saget chatted to us here at recently about all that was going in the world of Saget. The former star of world renowned family sitcom Full House, has worked pretty hard to remove the shackles of his squeaky-clean image he got for himself on that show, as it's really nowhere near the often profane (but hilarious) style of comedy that comes naturally to him.

Fans of Entourage will know him for his cameos on the show as Vincent Chase's impudent neighbour - he plays himself but as he says in his new book; "Entourage depicted a much more despicable me than I am capable of being. It's not really a side of me at all, just a fictionalised version of me, that was a fun turn".

So will he be returning for the highly anticipated Entourage movie next year? Saget confirmed to us that yep, he will! He said; "Yeah I have a little appearance in that." One which he had just recently finished filming too; "It was fun, and nobody got hurt, and I said something very irreverent, which is normal."

Although, there were no clues as to what sort of 'irreverence' we can be expecting; "I can't tell you, it's dialogue from the movie and we want to keep it a surprise, but it has to do with dating younger women, which is just... a really bad thing to do."

The Entourage movie is not due out until 2015, but in between times entertain yourself with Bob Saget's new and only book - 'Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian' or watch his hilarious 'That's What I'm Talkin' About' sketch on Netflix.

Here he is in all his Entourage cringiness;