Ewan McGregor will be playing not one, but two, leading roles in the next season of Emmy award winning show Fargo.

The Scottish actor has been cast in the roles of twin brothers Emmit and Ray Stussy. Intial information about the characters suggests that Emmit is the man who has it all, successful businessman and real estate developer, with a loving family at home.

Meanwhile Ray is a local parole officer, whose life hasn’t turned out as planned and who blames his brother for everything that has gone wrong. Expect plenty of sibling rivalry, attempts at revenge, and maybe even a wood chipper.

Fargo is an anthology series, inspired by the Coen brothers’ film of the same name. The first season was set in 2006 and starred Billy Bob Thornton, while season 2 went back to the 1979 and had Kirsten Dunst and Patrick Wilson as the leads. Not much is known yet about season 3, McGregor is the first major cast member to be announced. It is thought that the series will be set in, or close to, the present day. 

The show is scheduled to begin shooting later this year, and will air in 2017. This will give Ewan plenty of time to finish up work on the Trainspotting sequel and perfect his Minnesota accent.


Via Deadline