Those folks at 'Love Island' headquarters sure know how to put the cat among the pigeons as the arrival of Zara and Ellie into the villa earlier this week has caused major drama to the house.

Formerly happy couple Wes and Laura are on the rocks and in news that surprised nobody, Adam ended up fancying new girl Zara.

Naturally Rosie wasn't too happy about this, nor how Adam has been treating her the last few days and decided to call him out on his behaviour in what made for an emotional confrontation last night.

Well, emotional for Rose, Adam just stood there with a smiling smug face that honestly would drive anyone to despair.

Viewers were not impressed one bit with his actions, there is even a fake Twitter account for the star where his '"mum" is pretending to tweet her disgust with his behaviour. Don't be fooled though, his family are obviously very much Team Alex.

The rest of us however, are Team Rosie all the way:

Niall knew what was up from the start...

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