Ah Sunday nights on RTE1, a time slot reserved for all the best of Irish drama... and Room to Improve - we're all simply mad for a bit of Room to Improve.

While usually we can entertain ourselves with some fussy clients, a stroppy builder and Bannon meltdowns, last night, everyone just sort of... got along. Well bar some casual threats of strangulation from the builder about Dermot, but that's just par for the course.

We had a very sound, laid-back couple by the names of Mel and Aoife, a builder that was quite obliging (those roof lights though) and very easy on the eye to be fair, and a Baldoyle house with a view you'd swap your granny for.

Sure we had some slight drama with a foundation built on sand and some roofing issues, but other than that, it was pretty much a Room to Improve fairytale.

Here's what people thought...

People were big fans of the builder... (anyone else think he looked a wee bit like Gerard Butler?!)

Overall though, everyone was pretty much delighted with the outcome...

We now must wait a whole seven more days for another Dermo architecture adventure.