Phew, last night's 'Love Island' was a good one, wha?

Between Rosie confronting that dog Adam for making a play for her new bff, and the love triangle that has emerged between Megan, Eyal and Alex, it was all go.

'Love Island' being the divils that they are however left us on another grueling cliffhanger as a re-coupling looms with the decision in the girls hands this time.

Many uncertainties lie ahead, like who will go with new guys Charlie and Josh? Is Rosie going to stick with Adam after all that's gone down? Most importantly however, and the question that is on every viewers lips is, who will Megan choose - the good doctor Alex or the deeply dippy Eyal?

We know who you're rooting for.

Find out who Megan chooses on tonight's 'Love Island' at 9pm on 3e.