It was the last episode in the series of Don't Tell the Bride last night and they certainly went out in style. The show has previously had couples on who've had civil partnerships, but following last year's momentous referendum, last night marked the show's first official same-sex wedding.


The lucky grooms were Dublin man Mark and his Venezuelan civil partner Kerwin, who met four years ago in The Dragon, and despite an initial language barrier, they went from "friends to lovers and soul buddies". N'aww.

It was down to Mark to pull the whole thing out of the bag in just three weeks as he opted for a 1916 wedding theme for the year that's in it.

The fact that we were getting to see the realisation of last year's Yes vote play out on screen and just how much it means was emotional enough, but then Mark went and flew Kerwin's mother back from Venezuela and that BROKE US.

Mother and son hadn't seen each other in four years, and it was a touch and go for a while if she would even make it, but it was all worth it because that reunion was one hell of a special moment.

It seems we weren't the only ones moved by the whole thing...

@KateMariaGlobal something in my eye(s) here too #floods

— ÁineD (@AineDvs21) March 10, 2016