You'll know him best as Robert Barone from smash hit US comedy Everybody Loves Raymond, but now Brad Garrett is back in action with his very own US sitcom.

He follows in the footsteps of King of Queens star Kevin James (who announced just last week that he'd be back with a new show too) by signing up to both executive produce and take the lead in When The Balls Drop, which Deadline reports will be based upon the actor's upcoming autobiography of the same name.

Garrett (who was never off the telly between 1996 and 2005) will also co-write the ABC series, which will look at how a divorced family man navigates the rather difficult territory of middle-aged life.

As we said when Kevin James revealed he was coming back to the world of sitcoms, this one will go one of two ways. Judging by Barone's track record, he stands a decent chance of achieving success, but as with every other new comedy, we'll have to see if before we go singing its praises.

Here's hoping its a bit better than some of the turkeys big stars have pulled out of the bag this year...