Well played, Apple.

While it seemed the entire world was watching 'Game of Thrones' season six finale, 'The Winds of Winter', it appears that Apple's computer program assistant was also tuned in and has been answering users questions about the show in the sassiest ways.

The question on everyone's lips is the one about Jon Snow's parentage, which the show all but answered in the finale. Although if you ask Siri, she's still not giving the game away completely. 

Other people have been testing Siri out to see what responses she gives, and it turns out it's not just Jon Snow she's obsessed with.

We doubt she really knows as much as she's letting on, but it's nice to know that Apple are just as obsessed with the show as the rest of us are. Feel free to ask her more questions about the finale to see the wealth of catty responses she has up her sleeve.