Reboots are the hot new thing in the world of TV and movies, and it seems that pretty much anything and everything is up for grabs. 

It hasn't been on the air since 1997, but it looks like a reboot of Coach is coming back to TV screens. Carig T. Nelson is back on board too, which is of course pretty crucial given that he is Coach himself, but NBC are assuring everyone that it's going to be a sequel rather than a reboot. 

As a result, Coach isn't actually coaching anymore, but before you start worrying about starting a lawsuit for false advertising, they've figured out a way around it. "Coach Hayden Fox, in the present day, has retired from coaching. He is called back to become assistant coach to his own grown son, who is the new head coach at an Ivy league school in Pennsylvania that is just starting up a new team". 

Seamless, huh? Anyway, apart from Craig himself, no other cast members have been confirmed, so there's still a bit of work to do before the 13 episodes of the new series make it to air, but between this, Twin Peaks and the X-Files, we now never have to let go of our late '80s/early '90s nostalgia. What do we want? Things to stay the same. When do we want it? Forever.

Via Entertainment Weekly