This time last week we were all trying to recover from that Eurovision disaster in Malmo, but now it's been revealed that Ryan Dolan and co would have finished 14th if the contest had been decided solely by the European televote.

The Eurovision Broadcasting Union has released the full lists of rankings for the Song Contest Final, and the results are rather interesting. While the European viewers ranked Ireland 14th on average in the televote, the juries put us somewhere in the region of 23rd place. And because we didn't come within the Top Ten on average in enough countries, we ended up 25th on the leaderboard. Ye wha?

Yes, it all sounds like gobbledegook to us too, but at least it confirms one thing: Europe doesn't hate us, the voting system's just a wee bit messed up. Sure both the juries and the public said Spain and Lithuania were worse than us, and they finished up in a better position, because they were voted into the Top Ten by more countries. We actually have no clue how the EBU works this stuff out.

Those of you who love Eurovision as much as we do can check out the full lists right here. The figures might seem a bit odd at first, but all you need to know is that a lower number on average means higher votes (The calculator has been out for the guts of an hour or two. The things we do for telly...). And the lists are only hypothetical, showing what would have happened if the competition had been decided by either style of vote alone. They really like to make these things simple, don't they?

At least now we know why the song didn't do better. Oh well, we've said it before and we'll say it again: Ireland needs another Dana. Here's some floppy haired Johnny Logan to cheer you up. He really was the Justin Bieber of his day...