If you're over 30, you'll remember EuroTrash on late-night Channel 4. Trying to explain it to anyone born before 1985, however, is difficult.

Essentially, EuroTrash was a show about anything and everything weird and kinky. The show was hosted by Antoine DeCaunes and fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier and ran until 1997, launching the career of Graham Norton (yes, him) and Davina McCall.

The show was also noted for, well, being absolutely filthy. It regularly featured interviews with porn stars - including the infamous and sadly-departed Lolo Ferrari - and also featured terrible music from smaller European countries. Kylie Minogue was interviewed on it once when she was promoting Street Fighter and talked about buying knickers with Jean-Paul Gaultier. Leonard Nimoy was on it talking about his nude photography exhibition. It was insane.

In short, if you were into weirdness in the '90s, EuroTrash was for you. That's why we loved it.

The cult series made a return on Channel 4 last night as part of the UK's vote on leaving the European Union, in which Antoine and Jean-Paul used a semi-naked contortionist to explain the scenario.

No, really.


However, for those who were watching EuroTrash last night, there was one overarching experience everyone had. Fear. Or, rather, the strange lack thereof. You have to remember that EuroTrash was on during a time when there was no Internet, there was no weirdness on television and there certainly was no porn on television either.




To say EuroTrash warped impressionable minds is an understatement, and we are the lesser in its absence. Channel 4, if you're reading this, please bring EuroTrash - or better still, get Antoine and Jean-Paul to host Top Gear.

Now THAT is a show we'd watch.


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