If you're familiar with Eric Andre, you know full well what to expect - basically, anything.

This is a guy who managed to make Lauren Conrad from 'The Hills' barf in her mouth after he barfed up fake vomit, and then sucked it up out of his chat show desk. This is the same guy who asked Mel B from the Spice Girls if Margaret Thatcher had 'Girl Power', and then followed that up with a question about illegal paramilitary death squads in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

In short, Eric Andre and cameras rolling = unbridled chaos. Of course, that's on his own cult TV chat show, but how does that filter into something as conventional as, say, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' or something. Well, as it turns out, it doesn't. It just slots right in there.

Last night saw a segment where Andre invited in fans of Beyoncé to talk to the camera about how much they love the singer, only to then reveal himself behind them - dressed in drag as Beyoncé. The results vary from outright tears to general bemusement at the idea of seeing a mustachioed man with the hair and body of Beyoncé.

Take a look.