We had all but washed our hands on this show after season three, and there were a few moments in season four too (seducing the teenager anyone?), however Homeland did manage to pull it out of the bag in the end with that last season, primarily by just focusing the drama on Carrie's time in Islamabad.

Season five is set to move away from American soil once more, however this time for the entire season, and in a brand new location for the series as it moves the action to Berlin.

US cable network Showtime have said it will be the first American series to film an entire season in Germany.

Not only that, but the story will be moving two years forward in time and will see Carrie now working for a private security company in Berlin.

And what of Peter? Will they be reunited? We were kind of rooting for those guys but maybe that's more a 'last ever episode' conclusion.

The 12 episodes of series five will premiere in the US in the Autumn with production beginning in June.