Following Cory Monteith's premature death as a result of a drug and alcohol overdose, it has been confirmed that the Emmy Awards show will honour the memory of the hit musical show this year. The 65th Primetime Emmy Awards is scheduled to take place on Sunday September 22nd and will be hosted by How I Met Your Mother actor Neil Patrick Harris.

The Glee actor, who was found dead in his hotel room subsequent to a night out with friends, was only thirty-one at the time of his death. In conversation with Deadline, the executive producer of the Emmy Awards, Ken Ehrlich, stated that the show would include something 'that reflects an homage but what the extent of that is, or how we're going to approach it . . . well, it's too early to tell.' Speaking only two weeeks after the star's death, the difficulties of last minute organisation rang out, with the producer continuing to say 'If Cory had passed away in March, we'd have had four months to look at this with a little more perspective.' What is known however is, the show plans to host some form of musical memorial as well as including Cory in the annual "In Memorium" roll call of those who have passed away. As one of TV's standout young stars it is sure to be a befitting tribute.