It's not every day you have Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone explaining the finer points of early internet culture on one of the world's most popular talk shows with Rick Astley, but here we are nonetheless...

The pair - along with Jude Law, Eddie Redmayne, and a clearly fangirling Melissa McCarthy - were on last night's 'Graham Norton' and the topic of rickrolling came up because it's Rick Astley and why not.

To be fair to Astley, he seems to be genuinely OK with talking about it and seems understanding about the whole thing, even if he himself doesn't get how it's funny. Rick, it was 2005, nobody knew what was funny back then. We don't even know what's funny now, to be honest.

The big takeaway from all this, however, is just how gamey Melissa McCarthy was about Rick Astley and clearly was loving the fact that her teen idol was just mere centimetres away from her the entire time.

Take a look.