Over one week into their new villa lifestyle, and the cast of 'Love Island' have proven to be a devisive bunch, haven't they?

We've been left wondering if it always takes this long to get into 'Love Island' on a regular year, or if this year is proving a little bit more sluggish than usual. It doesn't bode well that nearly a week after her shock exit from the series, viewers still want Shannon Singh to head back into the villa (which, rumour has it, the producers had a part to play in).

Taking all of the drama aside, stand-up comic and podcast host Emma Doran has created a hilarious video where she's placed herself in the 'Love Island' villa as a person aged over 30. Given that all of the current contestants on the reality competition are in their early-to-mid 20's (new bombshell Rachel Finni is the exception, at 29), this is quite a foreign concept within the bubble that is the glamorous reality TV show.

And to be fair, her satirical version of potential events is pretty much spot on. From who did the decking, to the back support of the chairs, to gossiping about botched surgeries, it's certainly the type of topics we'd hear if 11 single Irish contestants over the age of 30 were dropped in the middle of Majorca.

Make it happen ITV, you know we're the ones who provide the best craic on the series.