Obviously, we're burying the lede here somewhat in that teasers for the penultimate episode ever of 'Game of Thrones' clearly trump that Emilia Clarke saw that waxwork - but bear with us on this.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Clarke talked through messing up her first meeting with Beyoncé at the Oscars, that whole business with her dressing up as Jon Snow and hanging around Times Square in New York, and - yes - the Dublin waxwork.

"If anyone wants to know what my brother looks like, it's that," Clarke said, acknowledging a picture Kimmel had of it. "Legitimately, it's frightening."

The real part, however, comes right at the end when Clarke - unprompted, it must be said - declared that the fifth episode of season eight was "insane" and that people need to see it on "the biggest TV" they can find, before mimicking an explosion.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Next week is the fourth episode, however, so our guess is it'll all be teed up by the end of that and leading right into the fifth. Maybe it's the actual battle between what's left of the Targaryen/Stark army and the Golden Company?

Topping last week's episode though, that's crazy talk.